5 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet 2021 – Review

The best soccer cleats for wide feet will depend on the tastes and preferences of the individual. Whether it is for men, women, or children. What is most important when selecting a pair of soccer cleats is that they fit comfortably and provide adequate support.

Below we have compiled a list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet:

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Best Classic Cleats

Adidas Copa Mundial
Adidas Copa Mundial

The Copa Mundial is the choice of true lovers of classics, but also of those who seriously struggle with the choice of shoes for wide feet.

This model is time-tested. Would Adidas have produced bad cleats for decades?

The main feature of the Copa Mundial is the soft kangaroo leather upper, which adapts to any features of the foot. And this shoe can stretch both in length and width. Therefore, it is recommended to buy shoe size to size, so that after a couple of training they sat properly and did not hang out.

Of course, it is impossible not to note the control of the ball – according to some players, no modern pair cannot compare with this classic.


  • Premium K-leather
  • Excellent ball control
  • Fits quickly on the foot


  • Old-fashion design

Customers say

“As someone with very wide feet, it’s been a never-ending struggle to find a shoe that fits me well”

“These shoes are so comfortable, made of very good quality leather”

“Can’t say much more other than they are the best boots I’ve ever bought”

Best Synthetic Cleats

New Balance Tekela V3 Magia
New Balance Tekela V3 Magia

New Balance features two fantastic technologies. The Kinetic Stitch and Integrated Hypoconut at the top offer a great combination of support and flexibility. This makes them suitable for players who have wide feet but who do not want to lose the latest technology and style.

Also, it’s really needed to talk about the sock. It provides the ideal height. In short, New Balance Tekela is a great choice for those who have wide feet and will play this game in an instant.


  • Laceless
  • Durable
  • For use on firm ground surfaces
  • Excellent traction


  • Synthetic material

Customers say

“They fit well, look great, and didn’t cause blisters even after a tournament weekend on turf fields”


Best Leather Cleats

Adidas Kaiser 5
Adidas Kaiser 5

Another Adidas’s soccer cleats look strikingly similar to the Copa Mundial and fall in line with their classic styles. The Kaiser 5 & Kaiser 5 cup are designed for people with wide feet.

The nerf leather or calf leather adjusts very well to the foot. Adidas Classics are often wide. By using good stitching, the cleats usually last a long time.


  • No durability issues
  • Perfect ball control
  • Provides the ultimate comfort


  • Needs breaking in

Customers say

“These cleats are perfect fit, feels like they were made for my feet. Have been wearing them for about six months and all I can say I’m very happy I picked these!”

“Fit was perfect. Good traction. Upper is comfortable and responsive”

“Wow. Real leather!”

Best Durable Cleats

Puma Future 5.1
Puma Future 5.1

Model Future is the best choice. A feature of the model is to help adapt the cleats to any foot.

The customizable lacing serves more as a way to keep the cleats in place even on a narrow foot. But by default, the Future model is ideal for players with a wide foot and high instep.

Most players who have tried this model praise the extremely soft upper, ball control, and comfort. And it’s even a little strange that Puma will soon shut down production of this line. Perhaps the new Z model will be even cooler?

But as long as Future is on sale, we recommend buying them. Especially now you can get them with a good discount.

It is the professional model that is worth paying attention to. Amateur technology is quite different and if you have a small budget it is better to look at other cleats.


  • Ultra-lightweight and reactive
  • Multiple lacing options
  • It’s wider than most other cleats


  • No new technologies

Customers say

“Great fit. Would recommend”

“My son can put them on himself and he has wide feet. Really pleased”

“Happy with purchase”

Best Cleats for The Money

Nike Phantom
Nike Phantom

Nike has released the Phantom GT, the direct successor to the Phantom Venom and Phantom Vision. It is assumed that the new model combines the strengths of these previous models. The shoe features a quality ball feel, a free kicking surface, and increased space in the forefoot.

We won’t say that this model will fit really big players, but the average foot will feel extremely comfortable. If the foot is wider, you need to try it on.


  • Cushioned insole
  • For use on natural and synthetic surfaces
  • Off-center lacing creates a larger sweet spot for powerful strikes


  • Isn’t for really wide feet

Customers say

“Good and modern look. They feel strange on feet the first time you try them on but after you start moving around you will get used to it”

“Very nice shoe. Very comfortable”

“Good product and training shoe”

soccer cleats for wide feet

The cleats must fit the foot perfectly because you can’t let anything distract you while you’re playing. Agree, if a pair pinches, squeezes or chafes, it’s solid agony. And these problems arise when you took the wrong size shoe or just a mistake with the model.

And if with the choice of length everything is clear. The cleats are too small? Take a little bigger! Then with the width, all is not so simple. The manufacturers do not write in the description, for which foot this model. And if you have a non-standard foot shape – perfectly pick cleats, not having the information, is quite difficult.

How do I know if my feet are wide?

You may have come across a metal measuring instrument (the Brannock device) in shoe stores before.

But today most of us buy shoes online, choosing the size we normally take. So how do you know if your feet are wide or not?

One of the easiest ways is to measure your feet with a ruler, a pen, and two sheets of paper.

  • Take your shoes off.
  • Put a sheet of paper on the floor and stand on it.
  • Draw the outline of your foot.
  • Measure the widest part of the foot (at the level of the transverse arch).
  • Do the same for the other foot.

Then compare the results to the chart to determine whether your foot is narrow, normal, wide or very wide.

For example, if you wear a women’s size 7 and your foot is 8.7 cm wide at the widest part, you’ll fit a medium width sneaker. If the width is 8.4 cm, then narrow shoes will suit you, and if the width is 9 cm, then wide shoes will be the best option.

soccer cleats for wide feet

How to choose soccer cleats for wide feet

If you want to experience fewer problems and more success, you might need to consider buying new soccer cleats. Before doing so, it’s worth considering certain factors to find the best option for wide feet. Some of these are:


One reason people buy new soccer cleats is for comfort. With this in mind, you should always try to find a shoe that feels comfortable right out of the box. Also, it’s important to consider the shape of the shoes. Not every type may fit your feet properly, some are more curved than others for example.


Different types of soccer have different design requirements for footwear. When picking a soccer shoe, it’s important to consider the type of ground you’ll be playing on. For hard grounds, soccer shoes with longer spikes are better as they provide more stability and durability. On soft grounds, ones that have shorter nubs are better as they offer better grip and cushioning.


It’s important that the shoes you wear while playing sport offer good stability. Certain styles may look good, but they can’t offer any stability and will lead to slipping. Shoes that fit well and offer good stability are key for maintaining your game. Proper shoes will help maintain your stability, and reduce the risk of slip-ups or falls.


Soccer cleats can come in both pure leather and synthetic materials. Pure leather is often more comfortable and durable than synthetic, but the choice ultimately depends on your priorities. Take care not to buy too cheap of a product, as they just won’t last.


  • What material is better?

    Cleats can be made of synthetic or 100% leather or synthetic material. Most often, they’re a combination of the two materials. The pure leather version is the most expensive, but it’s also the most durable choice.

    Leather can sometimes stretch out over time, which means it will fit to your wider feet.

  • Who makes wide soccer cleats?

    All brands make cleats for wide feet, but first you need to study the different models and try them on.

  • How to maintain wide soccer cleats

    Don’t wash your cleats in a washing machine. Remove mud, grass and dirt. Make mildly soapy solution and then wash the cleat with sponge or cloth while scrubbing the inside and outside of it. Next step is drying, be sure to avoid direct sunlight, hairdryers or radiators as this may damage them.
    The care of wide toe cleats is the same as for all cleats. read our article on how to wash soccer cleats.

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