Why Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World

The world is gripped by soccer fever. And while one half of humanity watches the games with a sinking heart, the other half cannot understand what is so special about this simple game. There are more questions than answers, including some of the dumbest and stupidest, so we decided to answer them right now.

Allpartyfootball.com tried to figure out why people feel so strongly about soccer and what is its secret.

why soccer is so popular

Soccer is one of the oldest team sports. What could be simpler than a ball game? Many countries in the world thought so, kicked the ball with enthusiasm and called the game in their own way everywhere. To this day there are disputes about who first invented soccer, but the game became widespread in about XIX century in England. This was facilitated by colonization: the British Empire was conquering all new countries, which adopted the culture, habits and, of course, the game of Foggy Albion.

The television appearance also contributed to the popularity of soccer. Simple and clear rules allowed viewers to quickly engage in what was happening on the screen, and the spectacle itself inspired boys to develop their skills and strive to achieve success in this game.

It would seem that 22 men chase a ball across a huge field – well, what’s so exciting? Why is this game so appealing to millions of people around the world? What’s so special about it?

Here are some of the most obvious reasons why soccer has become, without exaggeration, the most popular and beloved game in the world.

1. Soccer is the most affordable game in the world

All you need to play soccer is two hands, two feet, at least some ground and an object imitating a soccer ball. You don’t need any equipment or special gear. Any surface will do: grass, sand and soil. Also, do not need a large number of players to practice, as it is necessary, for example, in rugby. The rules of the game of soccer are very accessible and understandable to viewers around the world. That is why a soccer star can appear anywhere, even in Central Africa or in an Indian slum.

Another important factor in the accessibility of the game: to play soccer, you do not need to have any special parameters, such as height, weight or even speed. But you can’t do without physical fitness and the ability to think “soccer-style,” without grueling training and honing your skills. For example, the height of 170 cm did not prevent Lionel Messi from becoming a four-time Ballon d’Or winner and top scorer for Barcelona and Argentina. As a child, Messi suffered from a growth hormone deficiency and doctors were able to help the young athlete grow, but it’s still hard to call him tall.

Why Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World

2. Soccer is a great way to let out your emotions

It’s our nature to be competitive, and soccer is a great way for both the fans and the players to express their emotions and fervor. And if 40-50 years ago, soccer was in some way a sublimation of war, now the perception of the game has changed: the competition between countries is practically not associated with politics. The same players, supported by people from all over the world, play for both super clubs and their own national teams – the world is becoming international.

Soccer fans are the craziest, noisiest and most emotional. Clashes between fans still happen, but the aggressiveness is more often left in the stands and limited to cheering. Soccer stadium is almost the only place where people can legally let out a lot of positive and negative emotions and feelings: shout, stomp your feet, be indignant about the decisions of the judge, the actions of the opposing team or your own team. Heat of passion in stadiums, especially during important matches, is enormous – and it’s another reason why people love soccer so much.

3. Soccer is spectacular

You can’t play soccer with your hands: maybe that’s why we’re thrilled to see players on the field masterfully wielding the ball with just their feet and scoring incredible goals with their heads. In addition, goals are not scored as often as, for example, in basketball, which means that every hit in the goal causes particularly strong emotions and feelings.

Soccer is indeed a very spectacular game: tactics, attacks and counterattacks are decisive here, each team has its own unique style of play. Soccer connoisseurs know how to enjoy beautiful passes, handling and dribbling. After all, the action takes place in huge modern stadiums, in the open air, and around the incredible energy and noise of the fans – it is almost impossible to remain indifferent to all this.

why soccer is so popular

4. Soccer awakens pride

According to many soccer fans, the game has a certain magic of bringing people together. In the age of globalization and the mixing of cultures, people do not often think of their homeland. No matter how pompous it may sound, but matches of the national team help people realize they are citizens of the country, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people, and victories awaken pride.

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